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The Mystery of “Chemtrails”
by Robert Soloway

Have you seen this going on in your skies?

If you like conspiracy theories, you are going to love this. “Chemtrails” has to be the granddaddy of them all. It is being claimed that the US government (probably) is spraying the entire planet with a “chemical soup” that is loaded with metallic and biological elements. Some claim the spraying has been going on since the mid 1980’s.

What you are looking for starts out like a plane skywriting, but then it just seems to create a long line. Then, shortly after you might see that a “T” or an “X” pattern has formed. Soon you might notice an entire grid-like formation. Sometimes, more than one plane is engaged. The pattern drifts in the wind and spreads out.

Why should you care?

If you can believe the reports online, there has been an epidemic of respiratory illness from unidentifiable airborne sources over the last decade, which is due to this spraying.

Why is the government spraying the air?

There are many guesses but nothing definitive. Biological warfare is a possibility. The chemical soup appears to contain biological compounds capable of causing illness, perhaps needing only a localized event to set off an epidemic in a given area.

Other theories claim that the metal components, aluminum and barium, are capable of being used for interruption of electro-magnetic fields and therefore the interruption of communication or military devices in any region.

Some are claiming it has weather implications, or that it is an attempt to offset global warming. If this is the case, the need for secrecy is a bit bewildering. Some claim that the plan is necessary to save the planet but since it is harmful in the short term, we are not being told about it.

Of course there are the super-high tech theorist, who claim the world is being prepared for the usage of some invention that needs these particles in the atmosphere in order to function. Some will go so far as to say that there is an alien connection (no not immigrants, the other kind). There are photos online of chemtrails being left, and upon magnified examination, there seems to be no plane at the front of the trail. Some claim the planes are simply painted sky-color to prevent being identified. Others will say the air force has new flying machines that do not resemble airplanes.

The official word is, nothing is going on. The patterns in the sky are just normal “contrails” from jets going overhead. A contrail is the condensation that forms when a hot jet engine flies through a cold sky. These however, typically last 15 seconds to 2 minutes.

A “Chemtrail”, on the other hand, lasts hours and spreads out over the sky creating a virtual fake cloud. After several passes, in a grid pattern, the sky begins to cloud over and a general haze prevails for hours.

There have been documented cases where an entire sky has been clouded over in a rural area where there is normally very little air traffic and no airport for many miles.

The planes are being identified as military and not civilian. The most frequent is a KC 135. When visible, they appear to be solid white with no markings.

It is reported that the US Weather service radar photos that we see on TV, are electronically filtered to remove the “lines”. This way the public can’t see the huge patterns that are being created.

There are stories from all over the world starting as early as 1984 (an interesting year don’t you think?). The Discovery Channel had a show on Chemtrails, but came to no conclusions.

I have been watching for these over the Atlanta area for weeks now and I have spotted them almost every day.

Do I believe the government is involved in a conspiracy being kept secret from us? I don’t know. But I was glad I was told about it, so I could decide for myself.

Now you can decide for yourself.

Published: Jul 16,2008 22:01
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